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Aquascape Pond Pump Replacements

Aquascape sfa 3000 pond pump replacement

If your Aquascape pump sfa 3000 stopped working we have some great options for replacement ranging from an exact replacement to other brands of pond pumps. You do not need to replace your broken pond pump with the exact same pump. There are some great replacement pumps that will work with your current pond skimmer filter and plumbing.

Aquascape sfa 3000 pump replacement options:

The Norus waterfall pump will work well in a standard classic Aquascape skimmer filter ONLY. This is our most popular pump for an Aquascape Designs 3000 replacement. This pump is great for medium head pressures or longer streams and multiple waterfalls. If your pond is 11 x 11 or larger this pump would be a good choice. There are different flow rates available in the shinmaya line that range from 3,000-10,000 gallons per hour.

An Aquasurge pond pump made my Aquascape is designed to fit and work well in your Aquascape standard classic skimmers or the Signature series pond skimmer filters. The Aquasurge 3000 or 4000 are both good options for flow rates. If you have a long stream or need to more flow, chose a larger version of a pump in the Aquasurge line of pumps. These replacement pumps will automatically ship out with the fittings you will need to make a simple conversion at no extra cost. The Aquasurge 3000 only uses 165 watts! This pump works well for standard ponds and streams, but if you have a long waterfall or multiple waterfalls (higher head pressure) you may want to consider a Shinmaywa Norus pump.

If your pond is 11 x 11 or smaller the Aquasurge 2,000 or 3,000 would be a good choice. If you have a long stream, but not a lot of elevation change(head pressure) you could then consider the Aquasurge 4,000 or 5,000 gph pumps. There are different flow rates available in the Aquasurge line that range from 2,000-8,000 gallons per hour.

A exact replacement option is also available by choosing the Aquascape 3000 3PL Tsurumi Pump. No additional parts or glue is needed. These pumps have been improved and now include the Tsurumi motor for improved life span and performance.

If you have a skimmer filter on your pond, it will be important to figure out which type you have. Please read the descriptions below. If you are still not sure, email us a picture of your skimmer box and pump and we will take care of the rest.

Signature Series pond Skimmers have a half moon shaped rigid all plastic basket.

Standard skimmer filters have a black mesh material that is held in place by two metal bars.

If you have pondless waterfall using a aquascape sfa 3000 pump, you can choose from the Aquasurge pond pumps or Tsurumi 3pl pond pump.

You will need some adapters for Aquasurge pond pumps and the waterfall pumps installation, but they are included with your order automatically! We pack these along with all pump orders. Switching to either the waterfall pump or the Aquasurge pump takes only 15 minutes.

Pond Depot is the only store that provides you with the adapters at no charge, making your pump replacement easy and trouble free. We are also available by phone and email. All you need to do is order the pump and we will take care of sending everything else that you need along with it. We have all of these pumps in stock and they ship directly from us fast! All pump orders ship out on the same day as your order.

If you have further questions regarding purchasing a replacement pond pump contact us. Please have the size of your pond (length and width) and approximate length of stream. A certified pond installer will respond to your email or phone call to assist you with your pond pump selection. You can also email us pictures of your skimmer box and current pond pump to help us determine the best pump for your pond.

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Waterfall Pump

Aquascape replacement pump option. It will work inside standard/classic series Aquascape Designs skimmer filter box.

GPH: 3300
GPH @ 2': 3000
Max Head: 19'
Amps: 3
Watts: 328
Cord Length: 20'
Volts: 110
Discharge: 2" Female

Includes installation kit

Item Number: 50CR2.15S-1

NP 1/5 hp$329.95Skimmer: 
Aquascape Aquasurge Pump - Replacement Pump SFA 3000

Works in Aquascape Signature series and standard/classic series Aquascape skimmer boxes.

GPH @ 0 ft: 3,328
GPH @ 5ft of head: 2,853
GPH @ 10ft of head: 1902
Watts: 180
Cord Length: 20 ft.
Amps: 1.5
Discharge is 1.5 inches
Max head: 15ft

Includes installation kit to fit your current Aquascape Designs check valve

Aquascape 3000 pump 3 pl

Exact replacement pump which is called a Aquascape 3000 Tsurumi 3PL. Connects to your existing aquascape check valve with check valve. No additional fittings or glue are needed. In stock, ships same day.

- GPH: 3,000
- Watts: 328
- Discharge: 2" Female
- Operating Cost/Month: $24.69
- Max Head: 14'
- Includes: 20' cord
- Warranty: 2 yrs.
- Weight: 16.2 lbs.

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More information about switching to a Norus Pump

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