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Koi Pond Portable Oxygen SystemsKoi oxygen systems are the most efficient way to deliver pure oxygen to your Koi.

These Koi oxygen systems are perfect for many Koi related needs such as transporting Koi, fish surgery, quarantine, treatment tanks, power outages, over-crowded show tanks, acclimation and much more. These systems provide pure oxygen to increase and maintain a high dissolved oxygen level in the water. Regular air pumps and air stones cannot come close to the dissolved oxygen levels that these systems can achieve.

These koi oxygen systems are a must when treating your fish with medications that contain formalin or other pond treatments that affect dissovled oxygen in your pond.

These oxygen systems can also be used for home aquariums, freshwater or saltwater, fishing boats and other situations where you need to maintain high 02 levels for fish.

These systems do not need electricity to operate and they are light-weight and easy to handle.

The Koi02 oxygen diffuser that comes with every system is one of the most efficient diffusers on the market. It uses less oxygen making the oxygen in the oxygen tank last for days rather than just hours. The ceramic plate is set in a durable ABS plastic.

Choose from 11 settings (1/32 to 4 liters per minute). The system includes the oxygen regulator (gold aluminum body with brass components—safe for marine use), powder-coated oxygen cylinder.

Please note that O2 bottles ship empty due to UPS shipping restrictions. These bottles can be filled with oxygen at a local welding shop for about $10 or less. Local filling is available in the Atlanta area from

Warranty - 2 years covering defective materials and workmanship.

Each complete system includes a small, light-weight bottle, a oxygen regulator,oxygen hose and a porcelain oxygen diffuser. These bottles measure approx. 4.5 in diameter and weigh approximately 6 lbs. when empty.

The ultimate insurance policy for a expensive Koi collection!

Can operate any any depth with no change in oxygen flow rate!! is the exclusive distributor of these systems for the koi pond industry.

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Koi Oxygen Regulator


Premium Koi Oxygen Regulator

Nickel plated brass premium koi oxygen regulator

Small Complete Oxygen System

Small bottle 4.4 inches diameter 11 inches tall Kit inlcudes tank, tubing, oxygen diffuser and economy koi oxygen regulator.

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Medium Complete Oxygen System

Medium bottle 4.4 inches diameter 17 inches tall. Kit includes tank, tubing, oxygen diffuser, economy koi oxygen regulator.

Oxygen Tubing

Per Foot$1.45

Koi Oxygen Bottle Bag


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