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Black Silicone 4.7oz Mat Brass Screw Set (8 pack) Brass Screws (13 pack)
Black Silicone 4.7oz
Our Price: $5.98
Brass Screws (13 pack)
Our Price: $14.39
Ideal for sealing joints where liner attaches to filters.
Great for attaching BioFalls¨ and skimmers.
Black in color.
(8) Brass replacement screws (1/4-inch - 20 x 3/4-inch) for Signature Series Skimmers

Corrosion-resistant metal
Ideal for attaching skimmer faceplate

(13) Brass replacement screws for the Signature Series 200 / MicroSkim Pond and Surface Skimmer # 43020 and # 99771.

To attach Face Plate (29254) and liner to skimmer.
Corrosion resistant.

Waterfall Lip for Mini BioFalls Signature Series BioFalls Filter 2500 Support rack Classic Standard and Grande BioFalls Support rack
Replacement lip for attaching the liner on a MicroFalls. Replacement Support Rack for Signature Series™ BioFalls® 2500 (# 09020) Replacement Support Rack for Classic Standard (# 09010) and Grande BioFalls (# 09011)
Our Price: $39.98

BioBalls™ provide a textured surface area (19 square inches per BioBall™) for beneficial bacteria to colonize and grow. Aquascape BioBalls™ are the ideal filtration media for use in all biological filtration.

  • Center channel allows the balls to be strung together making cleaning easier
  • Textured surface maximizes space for beneficial bacteria populations and water retention
  • Maximizes dissolved oxygen levels
  • Compact size allows for placement into smaller areas
  • Paddle wheel design breaks water flow helping to de-gas and aerate water

Contains 100 balls, and media bag with drawstring.