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Bulk Pond Filter Material

We have a variety of bulk filter material for ponds that are universal in what you can do with them. They can be cut down to fit inside any filter and used as replacement filter mats for any of your existing pond filters. Our filter pads provide mechanical filtration in addition to providing a surface area for beneficial bacteria to grown on. Chose from our white fine or dense filter material or three different densities of Matala filter pads.

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Rapid Clear Fine Filter Pad (3-pack) Aquascape Pond filter material High Density Rigid Filter Mat Aquascape
High Density Rigid Filter Mat
Our Price: $39.98

These Aquascape filter pads are ideal for putting into a pond skimmer filter to catch fine debris. Each pad measures 12 x 24 and there are three per pack.

This soft pond filter material can be rinsed about a dozen times before it should be discarded.

For a more durable, longer-lasting fine dense filter pad, look into our bulk pond fine filter material 14" x 48"

How to use: this filter material can be used in skimmer filter, waterfall filter or other type of pond or fountain filter. It's soft, flexible and easy to cut to any filter size with a scissors. It fits perfectly into a Aquascape Signature series skimmer basket as is, see video.

When to replace: This filter pad should be replaced when it no longer rinses clean and it starts to fall apart. These pads would typically last 2-4 weeks in a pond filter. If you are looking for a heaver duty option that can be rinsed out many times, look into our bulk fine filter material or the coarse 2" thick filter material.

When to use: This pad can be used to help catch green water algae or excess particulate mater in your water column. If you are dealing with a green water issue, plan on rinsing this pad daily. Also, with green water use in conjunction with our liquid algaecide pond water treatment found here Shop Pond Algaecide
This bulk koi pond filter material is perfect for making your pond water very clear. It can be layered on top of any filter pads you already have in your waterfall filter. Its fine weave is perfect for catching smaller particles. This filter pad also acts as a biological filter in addition to removing fine particulates from your pond water.

Easy to cut into circles, squares or ovals to match your waterfall filter size. Ideally, put as top layer with coarse filter material below so water passed through this fine filter material last. Waterfall filters, depending on the size, can hold 2-5 filter pads of various thicknesses.

Bulk Filter pad size is 14 inches x 48 inches. Can be cut easily with razor blade or heavy duty pair of scissors.

This is a fine dense filter material.

Reusable, durable and rinsable. Rinse as needed depending on pond size and fish load. Rinse under hose water or pond water, squeeze and rinse and then put back into filter.

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This High Density Filter provides efficient mechanical and biological filtration for your pond. Size: 24 inches x 39 inches x 1.5 inches thick. It can be easily cut to your desired size and shape using a serrated knife.