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Pond Waterfall Filters

These waterfall filters are used to create leak-free waterfalls in your koi pond or watergarden. These pond waterfall filters can be buried into the ground for a stream effect or raised to create a greater waterfall drop. When installed correctly, using rocks and slate pieces, these pond filters will blend into the landscape and provide excellent filtration for your pond.

A media bag, filter pads and bulkhead fitting are provided with the pond filter. The number of filter pads included with the filter varies with the model. Additional pond filter pads can be purchased to increase the filtration in your new filter. The Aquascape BioFalls Filters are listed in four different sizes, The Signature series 1000 and the pond waterfall filter are perfect dyi pond filters while the Aquascape Signature series 2500 and the Aquascape Signature series 6000 are typically uses in professional installation by a landscaper or aquascape certified pond contractor.

These are great filters to add to an existing pond to improve filtration. Simply put the waterfall filter at the edge of the pond or set it a few feet back for a stream. Then connect your existing tubing coming from the pump at the bottom of the pond to the base of the waterfall filter.

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Aquascape 1000 BioFalls Waterfall Filter Aquascape Signature Series 1000 BioFalls Filter

This is a Aquascape biofalls waterfall filter. This is one of the smaller waterfall filters to choose from compared to the 2500 or the 6000. This would be ideal for small ponds in the 10 x 8 size or smaller. This fish pond filter containers two filter pads (included).

Our Price: $399.98
Aquascape Signature Series 2500 Biofalls Waterfall Filter Aquascape Signature Series 2500 BioFalls Filter

This is a great biological filter for a koi pond. The Aquascape 2500 would be used at the beginning of your stream. It needs a pump to push water through the biofalls waterfall filter.

Typically this waterfall filter is used along with a koi pond pump and Aquascape skimmer filter.

Our Price: $780.00