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Pond Skimmer Filter Pads Replacements

These are replacement filter mats for your koi pond skimmer filter. They are a standard 2" thick and made from a durable filter material. Check the sizes to match up to your current skimmer filter. The Aquascape skimmer filter replacement mat is the most common. We suggest replacing the filter pads in your pond skimmer filter once a season.

Please check out this pond skimmer filter guide if you are unsure what pond filter you have.

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Aquascape classic pond skimmer replacement filter pad Pond Filter Pad Savio koi pond skimmer pad replacement pad

There’s no better way to ensure that your pond is clean and clear than to make sure that your classic foam pond filtration pads are in tip-top shape. Not only do they catch even the smallest debris, but these large pond skimmer filter mats work as a second layer of protection above the embedded pond pump to ensure that your skimmer is only pumping clean water. This helps extend the overall longevity of your skimmer filter by protecting it from potential damage from small debris.

Make sure that your pond skimmer is working at its best with our selection of Aquascape Signature Series pond filter pads. These 14” x 19” foam filtration pads collect all the small debris that gets past the skimmer’s first filtration wall. Not only is this great for keeping your pond clean and clear, but it also ensures that the embedded pond pump is protected from potentially damaging small debris.

This replacement pond skimmer pad is for a Savio koi pond skimmer filter. It fits into your current black rack that slides in and out of your skimmer filter. Pull the rack out and open it up to remove and replace the filter pad. 2" inch thick durable filter material. It is 14" x 18" in size.
Rapid Clear Fine Filter Pad (3-pack) Aquascape Aquascape Signature Medium Density Filter 1000 Skimmer Aquascape Signature Series Medium Density Filter 400 Skimmer
These Aquascape filter pads are ideal for putting into a pond skimmer filter to catch fine debris. Each pad measures 12 x 24 and there are three per pack.

This soft pond filter material can be rinsed about a dozen times before it should be discarded.

For a more durable, longer-lasting fine dense filter pad, look into our bulk pond fine filter material 14" x 48"

How to use: this filter material can be used in skimmer filter, waterfall filter or other type of pond or fountain filter. It's soft, flexible and easy to cut to any filter size with a scissors. It fits perfectly into a Aquascape Signature series skimmer basket as is, see video.

When to replace: This filter pad should be replaced when it no longer rinses clean and it starts to fall apart. These pads would typically last 2-4 weeks in a pond filter. If you are looking for a heaver duty option that can be rinsed out many times, look into our bulk fine filter material or the coarse 2" thick filter material.

When to use: This pad can be used to help catch green water algae or excess particulate mater in your water column. If you are dealing with a green water issue, plan on rinsing this pad daily. Also, with green water use in conjunction with our liquid algaecide pond water treatment found here Shop Pond Algaecide
This is a filter pad replacement for the Aquascape Signature Series Pond Skimmer 1000. This is a medium density matala rubber like material filter pad. If you have tried the 2" thick white filter material before, this would be an alternative. Hole is precut for plumbing in the skimmer filter.

The filter sits on a support rack in your Aquascape Signature series skimmer just above the pump.
This is the replacement Aquascape filter pad for the Signature Series 400 skimmer filter. It is made out a rubber matala material. Hole is precut for your pipe and pump output. 2" inches thick.
Savio Replacement Filter Pad for Compact Skimmer
These filter pads are for the Savio compact skimmer filter. If your backyard pond skimmer filter is a Savio brand with two small compartments that slide out that hold the filter pads, these are the correct replacements. It comes with four filter pads. Each pads measures 14.5 x 6 x 1.25 inches thick.

This is a four pack of filters, that's only $7.25 per pad
A healthy koi pond requires the removal of food particulates and waste. If this debris isn't removed, it promotes the growth of algae and other microorganisms that discolor the water and make it an unhealthy place for the fish. When your original pond filter mats become clogged or worn to the point they are falling apart and cannot be easily cleaned, it's time to get some pond replacement filters. We offer an assortment of pond filter foam replacements to replace your original filter that are an exact fit. These pond filter media pads are made from a durable fiber material designed to give you long-lasting filtration.  In the pond skimmer filter, the filter pad should be rinsed out 2-4 3 times a month and replaced at the beginning of your pond season. Following these steps will insure your pond filter is running optimally and keep your pond clean and your pond pump free of debris.