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Why Should You Hire A Pond Contractor?

For many, installing a pond or other water feature in the backyard is realizing a dream that's long been envisioned. A well-constructed backyard pond brings many benefits beyond the initial, obvious benefit which is the visual aesthetic. The beauty of a well-made water feature will likely become the main focal point of your entire property. Adding colorful plants and fish will further enhance the visual allure and other additions such as waterfalls, fountains, rock work, statues and special lighting can all help to increase the appeal.

Other Benefits You'll Realize

In addition to the visual aesthetic, a well-designed pond will also provide you with a pleasant auditory experience. The sound of flowing water has a known calming effect, plus a pond provides the perfect congregation spot for area songbirds. If you've added a waterfall or fountain feature to your pond setup, you'll have the relaxing sound of flowing water whenever you want.

A garden pond provides an ideal area for local wildlife like dragonflies, butterflies, bees, frogs and more. This makes your pond both interesting and educational, perfect if you have school age children. Another benefit of having a quality pond or water feature installed is that you should realize an immediate increase in the value of your property.

Getting the Best Results

If you're a dedicated do-it-yourself type, you may be tempted to tackle the building of a backyard pond or water feature on your own, as you've been successful handling various home projects in the past. For most, this could be a big mistake. Installing a pond may seem easy at first but, in actuality, can be quite tricky. Experts agree that it's best left to proven professionals to ensure not only that your pond doesn't end up leaking and fits in well with the rest of your property landscaping but that it's artistically designed and installed.

Not only should you be working with a pond contractor who specializes in pond and other water feature construction, but one with years of experience and a significant portfolio of past work they're completed for satisfied clients. This will allow you the confidence of knowing that the pond you're having installed on your property – something you may be living with for decades into the future – is just what you wanted, what you've dreamed of and something you know will be done right, without the worry of things going wrong.

DIYers often work under a system of trial and error, which is a technique not recommended for pond building. Imagine working long and hard to create your dream pond and then, as you see completion finally coming close, finding out you have a leak and have to tear the whole thing apart to fix the problem.

Other Reasons to Hire a Professional

  • Pond pros have the unique ability to build water features that appear naturally beautiful, as though they were meant to be there and always have been.
  • Professional pond installers should have everything on hand to complete the job before they even break ground. (This includes pond pumps, liners, submersible LED lighting, accessories, plants, rocks and other items to help your pond look beautifully unique).

How to Choose Your Pond Pro

When hiring your pond installation contractor, certain things should be considered and questions asked. Consider these points:

  • Ensure your prospective contractor is properly licensed and insured to perform the work you're considering having done.
  • Only consider hiring a pond installation specialist. Many landscape contractors may be willing to try any type of landscaping project, including pond installation, but you want someone who specializes in this type of construction.
  • Look for a seasoned, experienced contractor with at least 20 successful projects under their belt. Check references from some of their past clients.
  • A water feature such as a pond is a work of art and, as such, will have its own subjective appeal. Looking at your prospective pond contractor's portfolio, determine that his or her artistic vision is something you find in line with your own.
  • Make sure you're comfortable with the rates you'll be charged for your project. Don't be tempted to just go with the lowest bid, as this will likely leave you disappointed with the quality of the job.
  • Check out your prospective contractor's website and social media pages.

Who's The Best?

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