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Aquascape Aquasurge Replacement Remote and Receiver G2 Aquascape PVC Male Pipe Adapter 1.5"x 2" Aquascape Aquasurge 4000/5000 (G2) Intake Screen Kit
See Aquascape's new Wifi reciever as the suggested replacement.

This is the replacement remote and receiver kit for use with Aquasurge Pro 2000-4000 pump #45009, and Aquasurge Pro 4000-8000 pump.

Pond and Water Feature Installation plumbing.
1 1/2-inch to 2-inch PVC male pipe adapter.
This is the replacement intake screen kit for use with Aquasurge 4000 pump, Aquasurge 5000 pump, and Aquasurge PRO 2000-4000 pump.
Aquascape Aquasurge screen kit Aquascape Aquasurge (G2) Discharge Fitting Kit Smart Control Plug
Smart Control Plug
Our Price: $64.00
This is the replacement intake screen kit for use with Aquasurge 2000 pump, and Aquasurge 3000 pump. This is the replacement discharge fitting for use with Aquasurge pump line.
The Aquascape Smart Plug is the easiest way to add smart control to your existing Aquascape water features, allowing you to control your lights, waterfall pumps, air pump using your smartphone or device.
Aquascape Dual Union Check Valve 2.0 Aquascape Smart Control Receiver
This new check valve 2.0 has all the parts for universal pump installations. This can be used on the AquaSurge, Aquascape Pro and Tsurumi line of pumps that Aquascape offers. The Aquascape Smart Pump Receiver is required to run Aquascape Adjustable Flow Pond Pumps, allowing you to control your pump from anywhere.