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Aquascape 2-Inch Threaded Plug Aquascape Signature Series Skimmer Overflow Elbow Compact Water Fill Valve Aquascape
2" Threaded Plug
Our Price: $3.99
Compact Water Fill Valve
Our Price: $23.99

This is the replacement plug for 2-inch threaded bulkhead on the Signature Series 400 and 1000 Skimmers. This is the Overflow Elbow for the Signature Series 1000, 6.0, and 8.0 Skimmer. Threaded component easily installs into bulkhead on Signature Series Skimmers. Designed to help maintain water levels and prevent flooding during excessive rain.
This system automatically adds water to your pond, waterfall, or fountain when needed. Adding a fill valve will help to reduce the time spent filling your water feature and protects your pump from running dry, in the case of water loss. Slow addition of water also helps to contribute to a healthy ecosystem by preventing large chemistry swings associated with adding large amounts of water at one time. The Compact Fill Valve’s small size and ability to handle up to 1.5 gallons per minute flow rate (up to 100 PSI) allows the valve to be installed into a wide variety of water feature applications. The valve includes fittings to connect to: standard garden hose, ¼" and ½“poly-pipe, and ½" PVC.

This fill valve can be used in a koi pond skimmer filter, pondless pump vault or fountain basin.
Aquascape PondSweep SK700 PRO Debris Net for koi ponds Aquascape Signature Seriesâ„¢ Skimmer 400/1000 Faux Rock Lid
PondSweep SK700 PRO Debris Net
Our Price: $38.00

Replacement debris net for the PondSweep SK700PRO skimmer. This Aquascape skimmer lid is new for 2018. It fits and covers up a variety of pond equipment including pond skimmers. This pond skimmer lid has a two inch over hang so it covers more of the skimmer and blends into the surrounding landscape better. It has a 360 degree fit making it very universal. Consider upgrading your current Aquascape classic or Signature series skimmer lid.